CS 764

Topics in Database Management Systems

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Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: P:\course\cs764-naughton\public\html\ball-green.gifOverview

The first part of the course will concentrate on the basic topics in database systems, e.g., concurrency control, recovery, and query optimization. On each topic, we will have an in-depth discussion of a few representative papers. The second part of the course will emphasize the breadth of additional topics that currently exist in database systems. The readings for the course will be primarily papers available online, supplemented with additional handouts when needed.

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: P:\course\cs764-naughton\public\html\ball-green.gifGrading

There will be two midterm exams, a final exam. Each exam counts 33 1/3%. There may be an optional project this semester – if I decide to offer that, and you do a project, your grade will be the higher of: (a) the average of the three exams, and (b) the average of three exams and the project (each counting 25%). I will discuss this in class.


-          First midterm exam: October 8th, in class. The room will be announced later. Here are some old exams:  764midterms06.pdf, 764midterms09soln.pdf, firstmidtermsoln.pdf, midtermSolnS12.pdf. Please note that we covered somewhat different material in each semester, so some of these have questions on papers we have not covered.  Here is a solution sketch for the midterm.


-          Second midterm exam: November 12th, in class. Here are some old exams with questions that overlap the material on this exam; note that most of them also have material that will not be on the exam, since we covered different papers in different orders in past years. 764final.f03.pdf, 764final.f04.pdf, secondmidtermsoln.pdf



-          Third exam: December 15th, during class time. Here are some old final exams. As usual, be careful, they cover some material we did not cover and do not cover some material we did cover.  764final.f03.pdf, finals09.pdf, finals10.pdf


Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: P:\course\cs764-naughton\public\html\ball-green.gifSyllabus

Here is a guess at the papers we will read this semester. This list may change somewhat, especially toward the end of the semester.


Granularity of Locks


Optimistic CC


Critique of Isolation Levels
B-tree Locking 
Aries Recovery
Two-Phase Commit

Eventual Consistency


Buffer Management


Join Algorithms

Parallel DB

Query Optimization


Bitmap Indexes


C-Store, C-store paper


Map Reduce vs. DBMS


Here is the MapReduce vs. Parallel DBMS presentation.


We may not get to the following papers:




Dangers of Replication






"XML Stinks as a Data Model"