Ram Durairajan is a graduate student in the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he received the M.S. degree in 2014, and is currently pursuing the Ph.D. degree. Before joining UW-Madison, Ram earned his B.Tech. in Information Technology from the College of Engineering, Guindy (CEG), Anna University in 2010.


Ram is currently a research assistant and a member of Wisconsin Advanced Internet Laboratory (WAIL), where he is advised by Prof. Paul Barford. Ram is also part of the Wisconsin Institute on Software-defined Datacenters Of Madison (WISDOM). Ram's research vision is to create a "robust Internet" by understanding the Internet's topology and outage risks through principled measurements. To that end, in his graduate work, Ram is developing frameworks for (i) measuring and analyzing the topological structure of the Internet, (ii) measuring and understanding the outages and risks, and (iii) proposing easy-to-deploy robustness suggestions to mitigate network outages.

Some of Ram's thesis-related projects include: Other recent projects: [MNTP -- IMC'16], [BigFoot], [OFf -- CoNEXT'14], [pfs -- SummerSim'15], [ATCP -- IWQoS'13]






Department of Computer Sciences
1210, W. Dayton St.,
Madison, WI - 53715.

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