I am a PhD student of Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I work as a research assistant with Dr. Michael Gleicher in the Graphics Group and Dr. Bilge Mutlu in the Human-Computer Interaction Group.

As a researcher, I seek to understand how people communicate and to apply this understanding in building computational systems that can effectively engage with humans and support their communication and collaboration. My past projects have dealt with problems such as computational modeling and animation of human nonverbal cues, analysis and editing of human motion, improving the communicative capabilities of embodied conversational agents, and facilitating human telepresence through the use of novel motion sensing and augmented reality technologies. My Research page has information about some of these projects. A list of my publications can be found here.

I plan to graduate in the summer of 2016. If you are considering offering me a job, please contact me. You can find my CV here.

I am originally from Croatia, where I also received my undergraduate degree in Computer Science. To hear the pronunciation of my name, click hereaudioicon.