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Germany Part VI - Goofing around while on vacation!!!!

The 'jungle' of the Chocolate Museum in Cologne.

A cyborg at the main square in Cologne.

Nick, can you believe this guys is 20 years old.

Um Yeah.

The facial expression says it all.

Crazy Train.

We couldn't have passed up this fountain without giving this a try.

Andrea, I never knew. Does anyone else know??

The woman at the Hofbrauhaus who sold us a pretzel had a huge herpes mark on her lip. This was my response to seeing it.

The snozberries taste like snozberries.

How many people can say they moonwalked on top of the Zugspitze? Nick and I can.

This 3yr old was flying down the hardest runs of the mountain faster than you'd imagine.

Me, after fallin in 3 feet of powder.

Nick falling.

These posters are all around Prague, and the woman has scary chin-hair. Whenever we'd see one, we'd go and scratch her beard.

How many people can say they did lunges in front of the Brandenburger Tor? Nick, Andrea, and I can.

Me thinking.

Dan wins by a nose.

Yeah, I was a little sick in Berlin. Can you tell?

Ah German clubs, the birthplace of techno music.

Andrea, after giving up men, decided that overgrown green bears posed better odds at satisfying her needs.

How many people can say they threw shotput in front of the Berliner Dom? We can.

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