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Germany Part I - Cologne and Heidelberg. The cathedral in Cologne, our trip to a chocolate factory, out partying in Heidelberg, and our trek up the side of a mountain to see the Heidelberg Schloss (castle).

Andrea, Nick, and I standing in front of the Cologne Cathedral.

Largest Gothic Cathedral in Germany

Can be seen from miles away


Enjoying fine German cuisine

The Chocolate Factory / Museum

Nick and Andrea in picturesque Cologne opposite the Rhine (not pictured).

Me and Nick partying it up in Heidelberg at Gasthauszummohr (called Mohr). Sober?

Me, Nick, and Andrea in front of the Neckar river, in Heidelberg before climbing to the castle.

The Heidelberg Castle as seen from our Youth Hostile door.

The Castle as seen from the path we took.

A view of Heidelberg from the path.


The Riverside in Heidelberg.

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