Scottish Quotes

"Dead Shexy"
"Cheeky wee photo"
"Poc ma hoalm" - Gaelic - 'Kiss my ass'
"Slainta va" - Gaelic - 'Good health to all'
"Slainta ma" - Gaelic - 'Good health to you'
"Bloody Hell"
"Hairy Coooo"
"Ding Dong"
- Just change all the s's to sh's, like Sean Connery
"Absolutely maggot" - Australian for 'drunk'

Trip Abroad Gripe of the Week

Okay, Yes, I'm from America. Let's talk about movies, television, music, computers. Can't anyone find something to talk about besides the war.

Past Gripes

Dorm food is dorm food, no matter what country your in.
They charge different prices for eating in or take-away, what's the deal with that.
No ice in sodas and when you ask for a water, they bring you a bottle and charge you.
How overpriced the tube is.
Double-spouted sinks, come on, what's the deal with that.
No one has size 15 feet over here.
"It's not a line, it's a queue stupid" - a direct quote from a random British girl
Euros: All the coins look the same, make up your damn minds already.
Just because I don't speak your language doesn't mean you have to give me shit.
It's too damn cold in Germany during February, what do they think this is, winter?
Spending 12 days straight with anyone can wear you down.
Drainage ditches in the middle of the street... They're asking for a lawsuit man.
They can listen to American music, watch American movies, and love American culture, but there's an obvious difference between loving American culture and loving Americans.
Honestly, who studies on a Saturday night? I feel like a child being told I'm making too much noise. I'm old enough to drink and die for my country, but I can't have my music turned up at 10pm on a saturday night?????
There are so many candy bars I have never heard of, and none have descriptions on them except the American ones I have heard of. So if I want to try something new, it's a complete shot in the dark as to whether the bar will be good or not.
In America, if a door says 'Pull', there's a handle to pull on. If it says 'Push', there's a plate to push on. Not true in Europe. At a double door, I don't want to have to guess which door is unlocked and then guess again, whether I pull or push. That a 25% chance I'll guess right both times and a 75% chance I'll look like an idiot.
American beer is piss-water!!!