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Testing scripts

WorldGrid Nodes, InterGrid Demonstration project


ATLAS RPMs according to Luca Vaccarossa:

Luca: I've changed on the cache, now there is a Atlas-kit.pacman file:
% pacman -get Atlas-kit

Testing - ATLAS test suite, pointed to by David Rebatto. Managed by xana Smirnova?

./ (in the same location where there is dice_muon.datacards)

./ gen0016_1.root 0001   1   2

(you need a .root file ) you can download the DC1 test suite and get that .root file:

so you can run:

./ dc1.002000.evgen.0001.test.pythia_jet_17.root  0001 1 2

We may need lesstif installed. VO-Centric Ganglia (?) Installation using PacMan.

Probing the iVDGL VO LDAP server

The command:

$ grid-info-search -x -h -p 8425 -b "Mds-vo-name=worldgrid, o=grid" 

for example:

[root@butternut globus]# grid-info-search -x -h -p 8425 -b "Mds- vo-name=worldgrid, o=grid" | grep indiana
# indiana, ivdgl, worldgrid, Grid
dn: Mds-Vo-name=indiana, Mds-Vo-name=ivdgl,Mds-Vo-name=worldgrid,o=Grid

The actual VO LDAP server is on

ldapsearch -x -h -b "ou=group1,o=glue,c=us" 

Netscape 4.x can display ldap://,o=glue,c=us

You can see the result executing the following command:

% ldapsearch -x -h -p 2170 -b "o=grid"
On I am only able to see the GLUE schema but not the EDG one. David ?
In your vdt install location just do a grid-info-search -x -h -b "Mds-vo-name=ivdgl,o=grid"  -p 

From: Rich <>
Subject: reg-ivdgl-mds2.2 comments and questions
X-Spam-Status: No, hits=0.3 required=5.0

I made the following changes:

diff ivdgl.reg ivdgl.reg~
< hn:
> hn:
< rootdn: Mds-Vo-name=local, o=grid 
> rootdn: Mds-Vo-name=indiana, o=grid


< echo "# Adding iVDGL register at `date`" >> $logfile
> echo "# Adding iVDGL regsister at `date`" >> $logfile

I then did:

1) $GLOBUS_LOCATION/sbin/globus-mds stop
2) ./
3) $GLOBUS_LOCATION/sbin/globus-mds start
4) grid-info-search -x -h -p 8425 -b
"Mds-vo-name=worldgrid, o=grid" | grep handyman

The last step didn't return any information.  What steps have I missed?

Ganglia MDS Information Provider

DataTAG's WorldGrid Cache: UW Sites Installation Instructions Page

Data collected from Ganglia

2002 Demo Pacman and RPM Caches