CS 640, Spring 2014


See the syllabus for a tenantive schedule.

Tues, Jan 21 Networking and Internet History Read the syllabus
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Thurs, Jan 23 Life of a Packet Read sections 1.2 and 1.3 of the textbook before class
Tues, Jan 28 Class canceled due to extreme cold
Thurs, Jan 30 Physical Layer Read sections 1.5, 2.1.1, 2.2, and 2.4 before class
Form a project group and email Zuyu (zuyu {at} cs.wisc.edu) your names and CS usernames; you can use Piazza to help find group members
Tues, Feb 4 Physical Layer (continued)
Read sections 2.6, 3.1 (opening), 3.1.1, and 3.1.4 before class
Quiz 1
Project 1 released
Thurs, Feb 6 Ethernet (continued)
Read section 6.2 before class
Tues, Feb 11 Wireless Read section 2.7 before class
Thurs, Feb 13 Wireless (continued) Read sections 3.1.4 through 3.2.2 before class
Quiz 2
Tues, Feb 18 Link Layer Forwarding
Network Layer Introduction
Read sections 3.2.3 through 3.2.5 before class
Project 1 due at 11:59pm
Thurs, Feb 20 Network Layer Addressing
Network Layer Forwarding
Read sections 3.2.6 through 3.2.8 before class
Project 2 released
Tues, Feb 25 Network Layer Forwarding (Continued)
Address Resolution and Assignment
Read sections 3.3 (opening), 3.3.1, and 3.3.2 before class
Thurs, Feb 27 Distance Vector Routing Read section 3.3.3 before class
Quiz 3
Tues, Mar 4 Link State Routing
Inter-Domain Routing
Read sections 4.1 (opening), 4.1.1, and 4.1.2 before class
Thurs, Mar 6 Inter-Domain Routing (Continued)
Read section 4.1.3 before class
Tues, Mar 11 Mobile IP
Read sections 4.2 and 4.4.2 before class
Thurs, Mar 13 Transport Layer
User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
Read section 5.1 before class
Quiz 4
Project 2 due at 11:59pm
Tues, Mar 18 Spring Break
Thurs, Mar 20 Spring Break
Tues, Mar 25 Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Read section 5.2 through 5.2.5 before class
Thurs, Mar 27 TCP (Continued) Read sections 5.2.6, 6.3 (opening), and 6.3.1 before class
Project 3 released
Tues, Apr 1 TCP Congestion Control Read sections 6.3.2 and 6.3.3 before class
Thurs, Apr 3 High Speed Networks Watch NOVA Science NOW: Making Stuff Faster starting at time 40:45 and ending at time 51:15
Quiz 5
Tues, Apr 8 TCP Congestion Control (Continued) Read section 6.4.3 before class
Thurs, Apr 10 Application Protocols Read sections 9.1.1, 9.1.2, and 9.3.1 before class
Tues, Apr 15 Software Defined Networking Read SDN white paper before class
Project 3 due at 11:59pm
Thurs, Apr 17 Software Defined Networking (Continued) Quiz 6
Project 4 released
Tues, Apr 22 Software Defined Networking (Continued)
Data Center Networks
Read Cloud Computing - A Primer Part 1 and Part 2 before class
Thurs, Apr 24 Cloud Computing (Continued)
Content Distribution Networks
Read sections 9.4.2 and 9.4.3 before class
Tues, Apr 29 Content Distribution Networks (Continued)
Peer-to-peer Networks
Protecting Data
Read sections 8.1 and 8.3 before class
Thurs, May 1 Protecting Data (Continued)
Protecting Networks
Read section 8.5 before class
Quiz 7
Tues, May 6 No Class: Project Work Day
Thurs, May 8 Wrap-Up and Final Review Come to class with questions on any topic we have discussed throughout the semester
Final Exam: Friday, May 16 10:05am to 12:05pm, Noland 168