Aditya Akella @ the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Professor, Computer Sciences
Phone: (608) 890-0122
Email: akella AT

I'm part of the Wisconsin Institute on Software-defined Datacenters in Madison (WISDoM). Also, I'm one of the Principal Investigators leading CloudLab. I'm broadly interested in Networking and Systems.
I'm married to Shuchi Chawla.

Some (not so recent) highlights:
  • June 2017: Elected vice-chair of ACM SIGCOMM.
  • May 2017: Honored to received the Cow Award (SACM Student Choice Professor of the Year)!
  • Mar 2017: Co-chaired NSDI'17 with Jon Howell. Best NSDI ever! :-)
  • Jan 2017: Named Vilas Associate.
  • Dec 2016: Co-chairing Sigmetrics'18 with Adam Wierman. Please consider submitting!
  • June 2016: My most recent posts to the ACM SIGCOMM Student mentoring column are here.
  • Oct 2014 : Honored to receive the 2014 SIGCOMM Rising Star Award. UW-Madison's press release.


Some of my current projects include:

Older projects on: XIA, Data Centers workloads and traffic engineering, Content-based Networking, Information-Bound References, Video CDNs, iProxy, and vQoE, and Redundancy Elimination.

Recent Publications (Complete list here)

Professional Activities

Program co-chair:
Sigmetrics 2018
NSDI 2017
NeTS Early Career Workshop 2015
ICNP 2015
ICNP 2015
IMC 2014
HotSDN 2014
Open Networking Summit Research Track, 2013
DIMACS Workshop on Systems and Networking Advances in Cloud Computing, 2011
HotNets 2011

Organizing committees:
Steering Committee: SOSR, Workshop on Cloud Assisted Networking
Workshops co-chair: SIGCOMM 2013, MobiCom 2011
Poster/Demo co-chair, SIGCOMM 2011
Area Editor, MC2R (2011-13)
Panel co-chair, COMSNETS 2011
Web co-chair, MobiCom 2010

Program committees:
2018: Sigcomm
2017: SOSP
2016: Sigcomm, NSDI
2015: SOSR, Sigcomm, NSDI
2014: Sigcomm
2013: HotNets, IMC, MobiCom, Sigcomm, HotMiddlebox, HotSDN, SIGMETRICS, NSDI, IC2E
2012: CoNEXT, IMC, ICNP, Sigcomm, Sigcomm Posters & Demos, MobiGame, SECON, Hot-ICE
2011: CoNEXT, Sigcomm, SAFECONFIG, NSDI, HotCloud, Hot-ICE, HomeNets, INFOCOM, COMSNETS
2010: Sigcomm (Student Research Competition Judge), ReArch, PRESTO, INFOCOM, COMSNETS, IFIP Networking
2008: HotNets, NPSec, Sigmetrics Student Thesis Panel, INFOCOM
2007: Sigcomm, INFOCOM
2006: Sigcomm, CoNext Student Workshop

Research Group

Soudeh Ghorbani
Brent Stephens

Current graduate students:
Anubhavnidhi "Archie" Abhashkumar,
Robert Grandl,
Yanfang Le (w/ Mike Swift),
Keqiang He,
Junaid Khalid,
Kshiteej Mahajan,
Arjun Singhvi,
Kausik Subramanian, (w/ Loris D'Antoni)
David Tran-Lam,
Raajay Vishwanathan,

PhD Alumni:
Aaron Gember-Jacobson, PhD, May 2016. Assistant Professor at Colgate University CS
Wenfei Wu, PhD, December 2015. Assistant Professor at Tsinghua University IIIS
Shan-Hsiang Shen, PhD, December 2014. Assistant Professor at National Taiwan Univ. of Science and Technology
Theophuilus Benson, PhD, July 2012. Assistant Professor at Duke University, CS
Ashok Anand, PhD, January 2012. Researcher at Bell Labs Research, India

Masters Alumni:
Mark Coatsworth, May 2016
Roney Michael, May 2016
Chaithan Prakash,Jul 2015
Anand Krishnamurthy, Jul 2014
Weiyang Chiew, Jul 2014
Holly Esquivel Jul 2010 (NDSEG Fellow)
Chitra Muthukrishnan May 2010
Pratap Ramamurthy, Dec 08
Archit Gupta, May 08


Fall 2017: CS744: Big Data Systems.
Spring 2017: CS640: Introduction to Computer Networks.
Fall 2016: CS838: Big Data Systems.
Spring 2016: CS640: Introduction to Computer Networks.
Fall 2015: CS838: Big Data Systems.
Spring 2015: CS740: Advanced Computer Networks. (older offerings: S13, S12, S11, S10, F08, S08, S07).
Fall 2014: CS640: Introduction to Computer Networks. (older offerings: F10, F07, F06).
Fall 2012: CS838: Systems and Networking Challenges in Cloud Computing.
Fall 2009: CS838: Rethinking the Internet Architecture.