Professor, Computer Sciences
H. I. Romnes Faculty Fellow
Phone: (608) 890-0122
Email: akella AT

I lead the Wisconsin Internet and Systems Research (WISR) Lab. Also, I'm one of the Principal Investigators leading CloudLab. I'm broadly interested in Networking and Systems.
I'm married to Shuchi Chawla.

Awards: H. I. Romnes Faculty Fellowship, 2018; SACM Student Choice Professor of the Year (COW) Award, 2017; Vilas Associate, 2017; Applied Networking Research Prize, 2015; ACM SIGCOMM Rising Star Award, 2014.

Recent highlights:
  • Jul 2018: QOOP (OSDI'18) and CHC (NSDI'19) accepted!
  • Feb 2018: Awarded H. I. Romnes Faculty Fellowship!
  • Feb 2018: Google Faculty Research Award for Low Latency Networking!
  • Dec 2017: Iron (NSDI), Zeppelin (Sigmetrics) and ServerlessNF (HotNets) accepted!
  • Aug 2017: Elected vice-chair of ACM SIGCOMM.


I lead the WISR research group. We work on building software systems that improve the performance, security and correctness of modern cloud computing infrastructure and applications. Our current focus is on network verification/repair/synthesis, systems for efficient big data processing, low latency networking, and serverless computation.

Selected Recent Publications (Complete list here)

Professional Activities

Program co-chair (recent):
Professional service: Recent Program committees:
  • 2019: NSDI
  • 2018: Sigcomm
  • 2017: SOSP