In the WISR research group we work on building software systems that improve the performance, efficiency, and correctness of modern cloud computing infrastructure and applications. Our current focus is on systems for big data processing, machine learning and inference, ultra-low latency networking, serverless computation, and network verification/repair/synthesis.

Recent Highlights

July 2020 Selected as a national finalist for the Blavatnik Award
July 2020 Whiz accepted to NSDI'21
May 2020 1RMA accepted to SIGCOMM'20
Feb 2020 QARC accepted to PLDI'20
Dec 2019 Themis, Liveness, Tiramisu, and Gravel accepted to NSDI'20

Recent papers (Complete list here)

NSDI 21 Whiz: Data-Driven Analytics Execution
Arjun Singhvi, Robert Grandl, Raajay Viswanathan, Aditya Akella.
SIGCOMM 20 1RMA: Re-envisioning Remote Memory Access for Multi-tenant Datacenters
Arjun Singhvi, Aditya Akella, Dan Gibson, Thomas F. Wenisch, Monica Wong-Chan, Sean Clark, Milo M. K. Martin, Moray McLaren,
Prashant Chandra, Rob Cauble, Hassan M. G. Wassel, Behnam Montazeri, Simon L. Sabato, Joel Scherpelz, Amin Vahdat.
PLDI 20 Detecting Network Load Violations for Distributed Control Planes [pdf]
Kausik Subramanian, Anubhavnidhi Abhashkumar, Loris D'Antoni, Aditya Akella.
NSDI 20 Themis: Fair and Efficient GPU Cluster Scheduling for Machine Learning Workloads [pdf]
Kshiteej Mahajan, Arjun Balasubramanian, Arjun Singhvi, Shivaram Venkataraman, Aditya Akella, Amar Phanishayee, Shuchi Chawla.
NSDI 20 Liveness Verification of Stateful Networks [pdf]
Farnaz Yousefi, Anubhavnidhi Abhashkumar, Kausik Subramanian, Kartik Hans, Soudeh Ghorbani, Aditya Akella.
NSDI 20 Tiramisu: Fast and General Network Verification [pdf]
Anubhavnidhi Abhashkumar, Aaron Gember-Jacobson, Aditya Akella.
NSDI 20 Automated Verification of Customizable Middlebox Properties with Gravel [pdf]
Kaiyuan Zhang, Danyang Zhuo, Aditya Akella, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Xi Wang.