ACM SIGCOMM Student Mentoring Column


  • On Testbeds and Datasets [pdf]
    This edition focuses on various testbeds (for wired networking researching) and dataset.

  • On Program Committees and Social Networking at Conferences [pdf]
    This edition focuses on program committees - their composition and how they work - and the importance of social networking at conferences.

  • 2015

  • Various student questions - II [pdf]
    This addresses various questions related to hot research topics in networking, ensuring impact, and picking venues to publish at.

  • Various student questions - I [pdf]
    This addresses various questions related to paper writing and job search.

  • BIN problems [pdf]
    This talks about the kind of research problems I like to work on ("Big", "Important", and "Nebulous"), and how to approach them.

  • Introduction [pdf]
    Describes what this column is/not.