Alexander Volkov
graduate student in the Computer Sciences
University of Wisconsin at Madison

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My interests are Artificial Intelligence (learning algorithms, data mining, text mining) and Database Management Systems.


Spring 2002:

cs731 - Advanced Artificial Intelligence

             (prof. David Page)

cs640 - Introduction to Computer Networks

             (prof. Paul Barford)

Spring 2002:

cs764 - Advanced Topics in Database Systems

             (prof. Jeff Naughton)

cs784 - Data Models and Languages (Formal Topics in Databases)

             (prof. Raghu Ramakrishnan )

Fall 2001:

cs787 - Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures

             (prof. Deborah Joseph)

cs564 - Database Management Systems: Design and Implementation

             (prof. Raghu Ramakrishnan)

cs537 - Introduction to Operating Systems

             (instr. Matt McCormick)

Spring 2001:

cs760 - Machine Learning

             (prof. Jude Shavlik)

cs536 - Introduction to Programming Languages and Compilers

             (prof. Ras Bodik)

Fall 2000:

cs577 - Introduction to Algorithms

             (prof. Eric Bach)

cs547 - Computer Systems Modelling Fundamentals

             (prof. Mary Vernon)

cs540 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

             (prof. Jude Shavlik)

Favorite Links

Computer Science Links:

      UW Computer Science Department
      Java References (from Sun Microsystems)
      JavaTM 2 Platform, Standard Edition, v 1.3 API Specification
      Java Data Structure Library
      C++ Links
      C++ References at or
      C++ FAQ
      Thinking in C++ by Bruce Eckel, volume 1 and volume 2
      Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc. OOP Resources
      GNU Make Manual
      Expert Q&A from InformIt


      New York Times
      Wisconsin State Journal


      Formula 1

Local Links:

      Madison weather

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Ukrainian Links:

      Dzerkalo Tuzhnia
      EERC MA Program in Economics, Kyiv, Ukraine

Other Links:

      Merriam-Webster OnLine English Dictionary
      The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
      English-Ukrainian-English Dictionary
      English-Russian-English Dictionary


      La Crosse, WI (at the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota)
      Chicago (on the Navy Pier)
      View from Sears Tower in Chicago
      Governor Dodge Park, WI (near the waterfall)
      Mississippi River, Winnona, MN
      Devil's Lake, WI
      Inside Capitol, Madison, WI