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...multitudes of gross misconduct.

Ungh, more of the expected... I'm such a sellout.
  • Sam Williams -- He's Sam. Heinlein, and Woyzeck, and picnics, oh my! I'll show him stars.
  • Dessa Lightfoot -- Dessa, Queen of the Universe. Bow down and worship.
  • Eric Oehler -- Wonko. This boy has a mind so twisted that it's actually sprained. I like it.
  • Louie Pradt -- I can't think of words that do this man justice. He rocks.
  • Chuck McKenzie -- He's Chuck. Be nice to him, even when he's being bitter and angsty.
  • Matt Beschta -- Beautiful hair. Now working for the Death Star in Seattle.
  • Nat Barmore -- See Nat. See Nat's ferrets. See Nat ferret. Ferret, Nat, ferret...
  • Jonny -- help make jonny famous!
  • Pete Keller -- Every time Peter laughs, someone loses their soul...
  • pat! if he's there... He's a very, very pretty boy. Tesla, and music, and tongue stud, oh my!
  • Sam Sloggy -- Silly little wench. Her hair color changes almost as often as my major.
  • M@ Starch -- Meet M@. He bops like a muppet.

  • If boredom strikes, and you want some interesting pictures of moi to look at (I KNOW that's what you're here for. They ALWAYS go for the pictures first.) Here are some pictures from my webcam.

  • The somewhat melodramatic contemplative face.
  • My current roommate, Hannah.
  • I look something like a Grecian statue in this one.
  • My other favorite, a tilted pretrait.

    If you're looking for more, I'm working on a page for photography that I've done. It'll be here.

    mail me. It makes me feel loved.

    Last updated: 14. September 2000