send me to Seattle for a week, and see if I behave..
9. September 2000:

So I ended up in Seattle on vacation. It was a much needed, relaxing trip, and the fact that a digital camera was involved made it even more fun. There are many many stories to tell, and even more pictures to post. So, for now, I'll start this page with an outline. Each day will be a separate page (and a separate story,) filled with separate stories and pictures. Enjoy!



  • the seattle underground tour
  • the troll under the Fremont bridge
  • mst3k'ing a movie called Valley of the Gwangi
  • and a tour of microsoft (i still kickass at pinball.)
  • Saturday:
    (light day, 'cause i had a migraine.)

  • snolquamie falls (you know, twin peaks, etc.)
  • Sunday:

  • capitol hill (somewhat state streetish, but puts it to shame.)
  • the space needle
  • imax
  • lasershow (laser zepplin)
  • international fountain
  • Monday:

  • xmen
  • dinner with isaac at the old spaghetti factory
  • wandering more of cap hill
  • Tuesday:

  • camping and hot springs in olympic mountains nat'l park.
  • Wednesday:

  • victoria, BC
  • bug zoo
  • hamlet
  • Thursday:

  • butchardt gardens
  • vancouver, BC
  • Friday:

  • fantasy unlimited (more fun clothes! *grins*)
  • downtown waterfall park
  • bookstore
  • another movie, this time war of the worlds.
  • possibly crashing besh!'s for much drink (we found the most ABSOLUTELY PERFECT tiki wetbar in a retro shop.
  • Saturday:

  • slept in
  • ????
  • movies.
  • Sunday:

  • rainforest cafe
  • fly home
  • special feature!: My "Why Airport Security is Sooooo Fricking Stupid" rant.
  • Need more details on anything? Feel free to email, and if I'm in a storytelling mood, I might just enlighten you.