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CS 412

Assignments hand in

Students are required to hand in both a complete print out of the homework and an electronic copy of the matlab programs. We consider the paper print out as the official assignment, and the grade will be based on it. It is a grader's discretion to look at the electronic copy also. In the (rare) eventuality that only the electronic version is received, the assignment will be considered as not handed in. Also the turn-in date of an assignment is the date in which the paper version is turned in, not the electronic one.

We use the department's hand in system. You can find full instructions here.

Note that you need to be inside the CS account in order to use this tool. Also remember to add

set path = ($path /s/handin/bin)
in your .cshrc.local file before using it.

Handing in an assignment requires that you have the files you want to hand in together in a single directory in your CS account. You will also need the course number and the name of the assignment. The course number for this course is cs412-1 and all assignments use the name hw# (where # is the assignment number, for example, the name of assignment 1 is hw1).

A couple of examples

Suppose you would like to hand in assignment 1, and you are inside the directory that contains it. The command is

handin -c cs412-1 -a hw1 -d .
as the "." means current directory. Instead if you are in your home directory and the matlab programs are in a directory called "hw1" which is inside a directory called "cs412":
handin -c cs412-1 -a hw1 -d cs412/hw1

For any technical questions about the hand in, please contact one of the course TAs.