CS515 Spring 2008

Project Descriptions

The following project descriptions are meant to help you choose a project based on your interest in the subject and the level of difficulty. At this point, try to read the descriptions for the general idea, without getting stuck on the technical details. Once you decide on a project, you should speak with the assigned mentor for specific instructions and guidance. Projects are due in class on May xx.

The rules are as follows: each project should be done by a team of two. You should either find a teammate from class, or you should ask us for help. We discourage singleton teams, but may approve them if you have a good reason for that. You can choose either a mid-grade project or a high-grade one. For a team of two undergrads as well as for all singleton teams, a Level I project is mid-grade, and a Level II project is high-grade. For all other teams, a Level II project is mid-grade and a Level III project is high-grade. Your max score on a mid-grade project is 21 (out of 25). Your max score on a high-grade project is 25 (out of 25). We may, at our discretion, limit the number of teams doing the same kind of project. The qualified teams in these cases will be chosen based on the current standing of those students in our class. You should, thus, make at least one alternative choice to your primary one. Once you have selected your project, you should inform us about your choice by sending a message to Amos Ron, with a copy to the assigned mentor of the project (include the name of your teammate, and copy him/her on your message). Specify in your message the degree you and your teammate pursue (u/g). You must inform us about your choice no later than April 1. If you have trouble choosing a project, contact the instructor.

1 Frames 1, 2, 3 Sangnam Nam
2 Image Compression and Denoising 2, 3 Yeon Hyang Kim
3 Image Smoothness and Denoising 1, 3 Yeon Hyang Kim
4 Internet Traffic 1, 2, 3 Jeff Kline
5 Signal Denoising 1, 2, 3 Jeff Kilne
6 Time-Frequency Analysis of Music 1, 2, 3 Sangnam Nam

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