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      Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor
      Department of Computer Science, University of Wisconsin
      Room 4355, 1210 W. Dayton St, Madison WI 53706, (608) 262 9759
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  • Jun 2018: The DeepMatcher package, which applies deep learning to EM, is released as a part of Magellan. See for the code (and here for the paper).
  • Jun 2018: Our CloudMatcher/Magellan code is being deployed at American Family Insurance, a Fortune 500 company.
  • Jun 2018: A short paper on a system building agenda for data integration and data science. Invited to IEEE DEB Special Issue on Large-Scale Data Integration. (Another invited paper discusses BigGorilla.)
  • May 2018: The Magellan VLDB paper received a SIGMOD Research Highlight Award. Here's a shortened version of that paper.
  • Dec 2017: Discussed misc issues about UW, CS, and living in Madison.
  • Sep 2017: Revised homepage to reflect recent work on data cleaning/integration and data science.
  • Oct 2016: A talk on a system building agenda for data integration (and data science). The Magellan system described below is an example of realizing this agenda for entity matching.
  • Jul 2016: Launching Magellan, a new project to build an end-to-end entity matching system.
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Research   (Group's Homepage)

My work has charted new directions or bet on emerging directions that I believe would become fundamental for data management. Current directions:

Past directions: knowledge bases/graphs (2004-2012), crowdsourcing (2002-2015), schema/ontology matching (2000-2010). In between, from 2010-2014 I spent some time in Silicon Valley, putting my work in these directions to use, and learning a ton about doing things "in the wild".

Selected Recent Publications   (DBLP Entry   Google Scholar Entry)

Selected Awards and Honors

Recent classes include data science at the undergrad and grad levels, and CS 564 (Introduction to RDBMSs).