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      Professor, Database Group
      Department of Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin
      Room 4355, 1210 W. Dayton St, Madison WI 53706, (608) 262 9759, fax: (608) 262 9777


Recent News
  • Jul 2014: The Beckman Report on Database Research is out.
  • May 2014: Wrapped up my three-year stint as Chief Scientist of WalmartLabs. That was fun (and hectic).
  • Feb 2014: Updated CV.
  • Nov 2013: The CS department launched the Professional Master's Program. Applications are being accepted for enrolling in Fall 2014. A professional certificate program will be launched in May 2014.
  • Oct 2013: Mike Carey and I co-organized the Beckman Database Research Self-Assessment Meeting.
  • Jul 2012: Morgan Kaufmann published our textbook, ``Principles of Data Integration'' (with Alon Halevy and Zack Ives).
  • Sep 2012: Returned to UW-Madison, while continuing as Chief Scientist of WalmartLabs.
  • Apr 2011: Kosmix was acquired by Walmart and turned into WalmartLabs. Continued as Chief Scientist of WalmartLabs.
  • Jun 2010: Took leave from UW-Madison to work as Chief Scientist of Kosmix.
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I work in data integration, data science, and big data. Data integration discovers and exploits semantic relationships across disparate data, or combines disparate data into a single unified database. Data science studies how to explore and analyze data. Big data refers to the phenomenon where companies rush to acquire and process a lot of data, to glean new knowledge to drive business. The three topics are interrelated. In particular, a data science process often must integrate data, and use big data tools to scale. For these topics, I am equally interested in developing the science, techniques, and practical tools. Ongoing projects:

Past projects: Selected Recent Publications   (Complete List   DBLP Entry   Google Scholar Entry) Selected Awards and Honors Ph.D. Students

Adel Ardalan, Sanjib Kumar Das, Chaitanya Gokhale, Pradap Konda, Paul Suganthan GC

Alumni (and first jobs):


I usually teach CS 784, Advanced Topics in Data Management, and CS 564, Introduction to RDBMSs.