Old News

  • Jul 2014: The Beckman Report on Database Research is out.
  • May 2014: Wrapped up my three-year stint as Chief Scientist of WalmartLabs. That was fun (and hectic).
  • Feb 2014: Updated CV.
  • Nov 2013: The CS department launched the Professional Master's Program. Applications are being accepted for enrolling in Fall 2014. A professional certificate program will be launched in May 2014.
  • Oct 2013: Mike Carey and I co-organized the Beckman Database Research Self-Assessment Meeting.
  • Jul 2012: Morgan Kaufmann published our textbook, ``Principles of Data Integration'' (with Alon Halevy and Zack Ives).
  • Sep 2012: Returned to UW-Madison, while continuing as Chief Scientist of WalmartLabs.
  • Apr 2011: Kosmix was acquired by Walmart and turned into WalmartLabs. Continued as Chief Scientist of WalmartLabs.
  • Jun 2010: Took leave from UW-Madison to work as Chief Scientist of Kosmix.
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