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  September 5, 2001
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Glaval Corporation
Glaval waves its magic wand and -- Poof! -- a bare-bones Ford, Chevy, GMC, or Chrysler van is transformed into a magic carpet ride. A leader in van conversions, Glaval tricks out its vehicles with custom windows, luxurious seats, wood trim, TVs, VCRs, and sofa beds. Glaval markets its vans under such brands as Chevrolet Gladiator, Dodge Primetime, and Ford Universal. With the purchase of Coachmen Industries' van division, Glaval added the Greenbriar, Saratoga, and Dearborn brands. The company also offers midsize passenger buses for the shuttle service market. Through its Bennington subsidiary, Glaval also offers pontoon boats. CEO Richard Strefling owns Glaval.

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Fiscal Year-End: September
2000 Sales (mil.): 350.00
1-Yr. Sales Growth: 0.0%
Employees: 700
Revenue per employee: $500,000.00

• Richard Strefling
• Paul Freudinger

55470 County Rd. 1
Elkhart, IN 46515
Phone: 219-295-7178
Fax: 219-293-1294
Online: Web Site

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