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  September 5, 2001
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Kiel Brothers Oil Co.
Want a smoke, a Coke, or a tank of gas? Kiel Brothers Oil Co. is there to serve you. The company operates some 240 convenience stores in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio and also owns interests in petroleum refining. Its convenience stores operate under the Tobacco Road, Kiel Brothers Oil, and Pick & Pump names. Through franchise agreements, the stores use the gasoline brands of BP, Marathon, and various independent companies. Kiel Brothers, founded in 1941, gained attention in 1998 when anti-tobacco activists claimed that a series of Tobacco Road ads violated a federal ban on tobacco commercials. Kiel Brothers sold its lubricating oil business to MB Oil Co. in 1999

7-Eleven, Inc. (SE)
Marsh Supermarkets, Inc. (MARSA)

2000 Sales (mil.): 300.00
1-Yr. Sales Growth: (40.0)%
Employees: 1,300
Revenue per employee: $230,769.23

• Gregory Pence
• David Roll

3801 Tupelo Dr.
Columbus, IN 47202
Phone: 812-342-5700
Fax: 812-342-5701

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