An indie game I made for iOS.
An iPhone app for controlling media stations.
Smartcommit is a Google App Engine application which parses repository commit messages and updates JIRA tickets using OAuth.
A Go (golang) library for controlling Alpha LED signs such as the BetaBrite.
An indie standalone game I created with denrei.
Twitter Mercurial hook using OAuth for authentication.
This is an underwater ROV I built with some other UPL members. It's based off the rov design from
Real-time gps tracking with Google Earth and Nextel Motorola phones. This sends your coordinates from a phone and plots them in Google Earth.
An XBMC plugin for posting screenshots to twitter and twitpic.
Hunt Fish Camp is a Half-Life 2 mod I was working on. You would run around and hunt all kinds on animals.
Balance of the Force was a Jedi Knight 2 mod I worked on with some other upl members. I did mostly User Interface programming.
Real-time graphics engine.
Stroids3d is a cross-platform OpenGL space shooter I made in 2003.
My first attempt at a 2d game engine. I was eventually going to make a Joe Montana Football clone.
A cross-platform game engine I wrote for simple 2d games. It is written in C and uses OpenGL for the graphics.
A game engine I made with a group of people for a class at uw-madison. The engine was used to make a game called Glass Desert. It mainly involved getting in a car and attemping to escape from a city.