My Grad School Experiences

I was a TA for CS310 Problem Solving Using Computers for all four semesters of my graduate school experience.

Summer 2000

I worked as a Project Assistant on a team making course content changes for CS310 Problem Solving Using Computers.

Spring 2000

I was enrolled in:
  CS838-3 Information Security
  CS730 Nonlinear Programming Algorithms
  Math 903 - a seminar on teaching
  EPD654 - a seminar on teaching

You can try this link for information about a previous semester when the material now in EPD654 was taught as EPD690, assuming the web page is still there.

Fall 2000

I was enrolled in two Natural Language Processing/Computational Linguistics courses: CS545 and CS771.

Summer 2000

I spent the summer in Madison, working as a Research Assistant for Professor Gleicher on a project called Virtual Videography.

We published a paper describing the project's goals, the problems to be addressed, and the results of some initial experiments.

Spring 2000

My projects page for Computer Animation. (Or try here.)

Fall 1999

A page to a course similar to the Bioinformatics class I took might be found here if it hasn't been changed/moved.

Classes I have TA'd.

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