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Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore (May 03 - July 03)


During my internship at IISc, Bangalore I worked under Prof. K.R. Ramakrishnan and Prof. N. Balakrishnan. The project involved tunneling UDP packets inside IP packets.


Microsoft India R&D Ltd, Hyderabad (Dec 04 - Jun 05)


I worked as an intern at Microsoft India R&D, Hyderabad during this period. I worked on Outlook Connector which is a product that connects Microsoft Outlook to Hotmail. I worked on the calendar feature of the product. I also did a scenario based logging framework for the product.


IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose (May 06 - Aug 06)


I worked under Dr.David Chambliss and Dr. Guillermo Alvarez on using storage controller cycles to handle mainframe data. Using storage controller cycles to handle data helps exploit the proximity of data to the controller and also aids in using the idle cycles in the storage controller. As a part of the project, I developed a unix style cat and find to view and find datasets on a mainframe system.