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Fall 2005


Simulation of RFID Platform on NS-2 (Sep 05- Dec 05)[pdf]

In this project we extended NS-2 platform to include support for RFID systems. We implemented the RFID protocol as specified by EPC global and used the developed platform to  study load balancing in RFID networks.


Literature Survey of Compiler Support for Code Obfuscation (Sep 05- Dec 05)[pdf]

In this paper we survey the current literature on code obfuscation and review current practices as well as applications. We analyze the different obfuscation techniques in relation to protection of intellectual property and the hiding of malicious code.


Spring 2006


Factorization of Device Driver Code between Kernel and User spaces (Jan 06-May 06)[pdf]

In this project we proposed a scheme of splitting the device driver code between the user and kernel spaces based on performance. The performance sensitive code is retained in the kernel and the less performance sensitive code is moved to the user space to improve reliability without compromising on performance


Log Based Transactions for Single Threaded Programs (Jan 06 - May 06) [pdf]

In this project we developed a software Log-TM for single threaded programs to guarantee atomicity of transactions. The system is implemented in EEL, an Executable Editing Library for SPARC binaries.

Fall 2006


Master's Thesis- Refactoring Device Drivers for Reliability

I am continuing the work I did as a part of my device driver factorization project. My thesis focuses on understanding how device drivers affect the reliability of the system and refactoring the device drivers such that the performance sensitive part of it runs in the kernel and the other part runs in the user space.


Spring 2007

Author Topic modeling of Bug Reports and Check-in Messages

Latent Concept models (e.g. pLSA, LDA) of natural language text compress the entire vocabulary into a small set of concepts (or topics). The Author-Topic model extends Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) by including document authorship information into the generative model. In this project, we applied the author topic model to commit messages and bug reports of some software projects (Linux Kernel, Python and CBI).