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Areas of Interest
Database Systems and Distributed Systems

The first thrilling time of my life came when I cleared the Regional Mathematical Olympiad, Uttar Pradesh, India, 1995 and appeared for the Indian National Mathematical Olympiad. This germinated my interest in Mathematics and related sciences. Here's a link to a beautiful world of Mathematics...Go!

Patents Filed
Parallel Event Processing in a Database System
Grouping Event Notifications in a Database System
DBMS and Eventing Infrastructure
Securing Event Notifications in a DBMS
Performing Cube Based Operations in a Database System

CS764 - Topics in Database Management Systems
CS784 - Data Models and Languages
CS799 - Master's Research with Prof. Jeffrey F. Naughton
CS736 - Advanced Operating Systems
CS739 - Distributed Systems
CS752 - Advanced Computer Architecture
CS787 - Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures
CS640 - Introduction to Computer Networks

NCR Teradata (Summer Internship)
  - Design and implementation of Cube, Rollup and Grouping Sets features in
    Teradata RDBMS V2R5.1 based on SQL-2003 group-by clause. Work involved
    the NP-complete problem of efficient computation of cubes and partial cubes.

  - A Fast Incremental Inverted Index for a Mass Collaboration System (PDF, PS).

  - Disk Scheduling in Log-Structured File System: Design, implementation and
    performance evaluation of an Information and Control Layer that uses gray-
    box techniques in an LFS environment to improve disk throughput.

  - An Efficient Framework for Performing Certain Aggregate Queries on
    Continuous XML Data Streams.

  - Process Firewall: A tool to monitor and control process communication
    channels at run-time (PDF).

  - Reliable Multicast (PIM-SM) protocol: Designed and implemented a reliable
    multicast tree using PIM-SM multicast protocol.

  - Investigation of Logical and Physical Register File Size on Performance of
    Out-of-order Issue Processors.

  - Binomial Heap implementation, Traveling Salesperson Problem with heuristic
    implementation, Complexity assignments.
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