CS 536 Intro to Compilers and Programming Languages

Computing Resources and Help

CS Account

A CS account is automatically issued to you by the Computer Systems Lab (CSL) after you register for the course.

This account provides you with access to the lab computers, a disk quota (for file storage), and paper quota (for printing). Only registered students are given an account.

Account Policies:

If you have problems with your password or account go to the Computer Systems Lab (CSL), room 2350 CS, during regular business hours (Monday through Friday from 8 am - noon, 1 pm - 5 pm). Make sure to bring your UW student ID.

CS Computer Labs

The computer labs for use by students are located on the first floor of the Computer Sciences building during the hours from 7 am - 1 am every day.

For locations look for the Linux machines listed in the Computer Systems Lab Instructional Facilities page.

Remote Access

You may also remotely log into these machines. To access the machines remotely, connect to best-linux.cs.wisc.edu (this will connect you to the Linux machine in the CS labs that currently has the fewest number of other users logged in to it). If your computer gives you a warning about spoofing, try connecting to best-mumble.cs.wisc.edu or best-king.cs.wisc.edu (and if neither of those work, try connecting to mumble-NN.cs.wisc.edu where NN is a 2 digit number between 01 and 40).

These instructions for using SCP and SSH to copy your work, remotely connect, and test your programs on the CS computers may be helpful (especially for Mac users).


All the instructional machines are set up to print to the printers in 1359 CS. In order to print from any of the computers your paper quota must be greater than 0. At the beginning of the semester all CS students receive an initial paper quota established by the CSL. If you exhaust your paper quota you must go to the CSL in 2350 CS during workday hours to purchase more pages.

Each of your print jobs will be scheduled individually and may print out on any of the printers in 1359 CS. To check which printer your job is coming out on look for your login name on the monitor by each printer.

If there is a problem with one of the printers or there is no paper left in the print room send email to lab@cs.wisc.edu. Do not try to fix any of the printers yourself.

For further information about printing (how to check your quota, how to remove a job that you printed accidentally, etc.) check the printing section of the CSL Documentation.

A useful command for printing source code listings is: