Space Game

This is an ambituious project, and it has a long way to go. For one thing it needs a better name.

The idea is that you command a fleet of spaceships. You fight other fleets, and you need to buy new ships to replace the fallen ones. You soon realize that your ships need to be stronger to survive. So you destroy old designs and build new ones, choosing guns and engines and so forth. It's inspired by Master of Orion, if that means anything to you.

The game has come a very long way, then, after doing the hard stuff, I lost interest. Maybe I'll pick it up some day. Right now is sort of like an omnipotent mode.


Game mode:

Add ships to the current team by pressing numbers 1-8. Select a team by pressing A B C or D.

Draw boxes around ships to select them. Right click enemy ships to command them to attack, though they will attack of their own volition.

Press 'f' to enter fleet mode.

Fleet mode:

Click on buttons. You can buy more ships, destroy classes of ships and create new one. You can't view stats. To re-enter game mode, press 'g'.

Design mode:

Click on buttons. Choose what type you want to build. The armors, weapons, etc. have different stats. click on the yellow button to create it.

Would you like to see the source code or download the program? You can get the files you need here. If you can't see the whole applet, you can press F11 for fullscreen mode or change your screen's resolution.

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