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October 05, 2002

Computer storage

Why the hell, as a user of a PC, do I still have to worry about physical hard drives and hard drive letters? This makes creating relative links to files on your computer hard, because if the file is on a different hard drive then I have to specify a drive letter. However, there's a good chance that I'll move that file to a different drive sometime in the future, especially if I get a new hard drive.

When I save a file to my computer, I should just be saving it to my computer and not worry about the device behind the scenes. If I add a hard drive to my computer, I should just have extra storage, not extra drive letters.

Posted by tbailen at October 5, 2002 02:53 AM

You do have this sort of transparency on *nix systems. You can mount a new drive anywhere in the filesystem and it just works. The drive lettering thing is a leftover from the DOS days.

That said, you still need to know about these things sometimes. For instance, say you want to move a 1GB file from one place to another. If the places are on the same drive it's instantaneous, if they're on different drives it'll take a couple minutes of grinding. This is known as a "leaky abstraction". Google it.

Posted by: Brian on January 9, 2003 03:00 PM
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