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November 03, 2002

RSS newsreaders

A directory of RSS newsreaders.

The first one that I clicked on, Reptile, really resonates with me. Here's some of it's cool features:
-Reptile clients cache content. If the news feed is down, you can fetch it from your peers.
-a reputation system for any object, be it an entire channel or an individual article. (Wow, I wonder how the content on DayPop would change if everyone who used a newsreader and ranked articles influenced the top 40 instead of just a few thousand influential blogs)

Plus the author seems to be pretty smart and influential. I like the idea of having GUIDs in RSS articles, it would make them uniquely addressable (and P2P searchable) and support my idea for a discussion tool (Usenet2?) that has conversations centered around / started with a piece of publically available content.

Posted by tbailen at November 3, 2002 10:33 PM
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