Arkaprava Basu

Arkaprava Basu


Arka is currently a researcher at AMD Research where he investigates the role of heterogeneous systems in the Exascale computing . Before joining AMD Research, Arka graduated with PhD from the department of Computer Sciences of University of Wisconsin - Madison, in December 2013. He was advised by Professor Mark D. Hill and Professor Michael Swift.

Arka's research interests lies broadly in computer architecture and in particular, hardware interactions with operating system (OS). At AMD Research, he explores implications of emerging heterogeneous computing (e.g., CPU + GPU systems) and heterogeneous memory (e.g., DRAM + PCM) on both the hardware and the OS. His PhD thesis focussed on new virtual memory management for emerging big memory workloads and for enhancing energy-efficiency.His past research explored last-level cache designs and cache coherence protocol designs.

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a r k a p r a v a [dot] b a s u [at] g m a i l [dot] c o m

Arkaprava Basu
AMD Research
Austin, TX