Research Groups in University

  1. UIUC System Software Research Group Mobile Security, Security Architecture and CORBA Secure Services.
  2. UIUC Monet Research Group Multimedia Security.
  3. UCSD Cryptography and Security Laboratory
  4. UC Berkeley's David Wagner
  5. UC Berkeley's David Wagner(info on computer security)


  1. The LSE Computer Security Research Center
  2. ACM SIGSAC (Security Audit and Control)
  3. NIST's Computer Security Resource Center (National Institute of Standard and Technology)
  4. IACR International Association for Cryptologic Research

General Patch and Exploit Information

  1. Internet security system X-Force
  2. CERT at CMU
  3. CVE: Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures


  1. Microsoft
  2. NT Bugtraq

Intrusion Detection System

  1. Snort


  1. A Conference List about Computer Security at UCSD.
  2. Cipher IEEE e-newsletter on Security and Privacy
  3. Fetag LINUX

ACM: ACM Trans. on Info. and Sys. Security, SIGSAC, Communication ACM.

IEEE: Conf. Computer Security Applications, Computer Security Foundations Workshop, Conf. Security and Privacy, Conf. Security Technology.

IACR: J. Cryptology (Springer), Conf. Crypto, Conf. FSE.