I am an Associate Professor of Computer Science, Psychology, and Industrial Engineering at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. I direct the Wisconsin HCI Laboratory and organize the WHCI+D Group. I received my PhD degree from Carnegie Mellon University‘s Human-Computer Interaction Institute.

My research program builds human-centered methods and principles for designing robotic technologies that help people communicate, work, and pursue personal goals and draws on a transdisciplinary design research process that combines aspects of design, computer science, and social and cognitive sciences.

I have the fortune of working with a fantastic group of students and of teaching and mentoring people on design and HCI. I collaborate closely with Lyn Turkstra, Melissa Duff, Michael Zinn, Aws Albarghouthi, Suchi SariaAllison Sauppé, David ShafferMichael Gleicher, and Paula Niedenthal and receive support from the NSF.

To learn more about my research, visit the Science Narratives Series on our work. To support my research, visit my Benefunder profile, “Making Robots an Important Part of our Everyday Lives.” To get involved in the HCI Lab, read this page before getting in touch with me.

CV, Updated August 2018

Contact Information

Bilge Mutlu
Associate Professor

Dept. of Computer Sciences
University of Wisconsin–Madison
1210 W Dayton St, Madison, WI 53706 USA

E-mail: bilge {at} cs.wisc.edu

News & Updates

10.18. David Profirio‘s work on verifying human-robot interactions wins the Best Paper Award at UIST 2018.

8.18. Our work on the Minnie robot has been published in Science Robotics and covered in Popular Science and Discover.

3.18. Daniel Rakita‘s work on supporting teleoperation with an autonomous camera wins the Best Paper Award at HRI 2018.

4.17. Sean Andrist’s work on bidirectional gaze receives Honorable Mention at CHI 2017.

1.16. Our work is the subject of a new series of Science Narratives.

1.16. Our work has been featured on the cover of Autonomous Robots.

Recent Publications

UIST 2018, Porfirio et al. Authoring & Verifying HRI [PDF]

Science Robotics 2018, Michaelis & Mutlu. Reading Socially [Link]

HRI 2018. Rakita et al. Shared Dynamic Curves [PDF]

HRI 2018. Rakita et al. Autonomous Camera for Teleoperation [PDF]

IEEE TASE 2018. Pearce et al. Optimizing Human-Robot Task Plans [PDF]

IJRR 2017. Szafir et al. Planning & Interfaces for Flying Robots [PDF]

CHI 2017. Michaelis & Mutlu. Someone to Read with [PDF]

CHI 2017. Andrist et al. Bidirectional Gaze Mechanisms [PDF]

HRI 2017. Rakita et al. Mimicry-based Teleoperation [PDF]

SigGraph 2016. Pejsa et al. Authoring Directed Gaze [PDF]

HRI 2016, Huang & Mutlu. Anticipatory Control in HRI [PDF]

Service & Leadership

09.18. I started my three-year team as HRI Steering Committee Co-chair.

08.18. A special issue I co-edited, titled “Affective and Social Signals in HRI,” is selected as a Frontiers Spotlight.

07.18. I am the chief editor for the new HRI section of Frontiers in Robotics & AI.

08.17. I gave the opening keynote for IVA 2017, titled “Virtual and Physical: Two Frames of Mind.”

03.17. I co-chaired the HRI 2017 Conference held in Vienna, Austria.

8.16. I served as the program chair of RO-MAN 2016, held in New York City.


11.18. Northwestern University CS Distinguished Seminar

12.15. HCRI Seminar at Brown University

10.14. DUB Seminar at the University of Washington

4.14. CMU Robotics Institute Seminar