I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Psychology, and Industrial Engineering at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. I direct the Wisconsin HCI Laboratory and organize the WHCI+D Group. I received my PhD degree from Carnegie Mellon University‘s Human-Computer Interaction Institute.

My research program builds human-centered methods and principles for designing robotic technologies that help people communicate, work, and pursue personal goals and draws on a transdisciplinary design research process that combines aspects of design, computer science, and social and cognitive sciences.

I have the fortune of working with a fantastic group of students and of teaching and mentoring people on design and HCI. I collaborate closely with Leila Takayama, Terry Fong, Lyn Turkstra, Melissa DuffJulie ShahMichael Gleicher, and John Lee and receive support from NSF, NIH, NASA, and Google.

WHCI+DWisconsin HCI Lab

Bilge Mutlu, Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Sciences University of Wisconsin–Madison

1210 W. Dayton St. Room 6381 Madison, WI 53706-1685 USA

Phone: +1 (608) 262-6635

E-mail: bilge {at} cs.wisc.edu

Twitter: @bidimu

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Updated: August 2014

News & Updates

9.14. New NSF award to support our work with the MIT Interactive Robotics Group on human-robot collaboration.

3.14. Our research on gaze aversion in robots was nominated for best paper at HRI 2014 and featured in the NewScientist and AAAS Science Update.

3.14. My students Andrist, Sauppé, Huang, and Szafir have presented four full papers at HRI 2014.

2.14. Allison Sauppé presented our work on modeling the impact of social cues on collaborative work at CSCW 2104.

1.14. The HCI Lab has three fresh PhD candidates: Irene Rae, Allison Sauppé, and Chien-Ming Huang.

12.13. I work with a fantastic group of students whose research will appear at CSCW, HRI, and CHI 2014 in a total of seven full papers.

9.13. A paper with collaborators received the best paper award at Ubicomp 2013.

9.13. An interview with me featured in the Economist article titled “Working with Robots: Our Friends Electric.”

7.13. I received a “Glass Award” from Google.

6.13. Our paper at RSS 2013 was runner up for Best Paper Award.

Recent Publications

AURO, Huang & Mutlu Multivariate Evaluation of Robot Systems [PDF to come]

RSS 2014, Sauppé & Mutlu Teaching Strategies for Instructional Robots [PDF]

CHI 2014, Sauppé & Mutlu Interaction Patterns for HRI [PDF]

CHI 2014, Rae et al. Role of Mobility in Telepresence [PDF]

HRI 2014, Andrist et al. Gaze Aversion for Robots [PDF]

HRI 2014, Huang & Mutlu Learning Robot Behavior Models [PDF]

HRI 2014, Sauppé & Mutlu Robot Deictics [PDF]

HRI 2014, Szafir et al. Intention in Assistive Free-Flyers [PDF]

CSCW 2014, Sauppé & Mutlu Social Cues in CSCW [PDF]

Service & Leadership

10.14. I gave the Dub Seminar at UW.

10.14. I gave the Cornell Information Science Colloquium.

10.14. Sean Andrist, Dan Bohus, Eric Horvitz, David Schlangen and I are co-organizing an AAAI Spring Symposium on “turn-taking and coordination in human-machine interaction.

7.14. Julie Shah, Allison Sauppé, Matthew Gombolay and I co-organized an RSS 2014 workshop on human-robot collaboration.

4.14. I gave the CMU Robotics Institute Seminar.

12.13. Leila Takayama and I will be co-chairing the Program Committee for HRI 2015. Our theme: “Broadening the Field.”

12.13. I co-chaired the Design Subcommittee at CHI 2014 with John Zimmerman, Ron Wakkary, and Youn-Kyung Lim.

12.13. A special issue of Interaction Studies on “Gaze in HRI” I co-organized with Frank Broz, Hagen Lehman, and Yukiko Nakano is in press.