Hi. This is an extremely rough tool to "fix" PP's card bundles from Privateer Press's Card Database.

To use, go download a card bundle from the card database, click the file upload thingy below, upload it, and this page should (note that I've only tested it with Chrome so far) generate a new PDF with the cards oriented so they're more readable off the sheet.

They're also set up in a way that makes it relatively easy to print at large chain print shops; e.g., they should be set up fairly well for a print job from Office Depot and "cut into 4 parts".

Horizontal margin in points (change this if the PDF it generates prints too close or too far from the edge of the paper)

(This may take a while to show the new PDF. You'll also have to refresh the page to generate a second one, because I'm about to head out to the shop and will fix it later)