The Care and Feeding of Wild-Caught Mutants -- Artifact

This artifact provides the toolchain used in the paper and implements a small subset of the experimentation performed in the paper; the subset used is necessary for artifact submission as the experiment as performed for the paper required tens of thousands of hours of processor time (and as such was executed on a high-throughput computing platform).

Important files and directories

Instructions for use

The toolchain (mutgen and mutins) can be built from the code directory with make.

The experimental subset (which builds the toolchain, harvests a set of mutants, and performs a subset of the paper's experimentation) is performed by the script. The experimental subset performed by this script is chosen to take roughly half an hour on typical desktop hardware.

A Dockerfile is provided to automate the process of executing the experimental subset. Building the Docker instance from the Dockerfile will automatically run the experiment script and display the results.


We have noticed some unusual behavior with the test suites when using gcc 6. If you have such a compiler version, please run the Docker version of the artifact.


This artifact is designed to provide both the tools developed for the paper and an example of the experiment.

Due to the sheer size of the experimentation performed for the paper, it is not feasible to have the artifact duplicate these; we provide a subset of both the corpus to harvest a set of mutants from, and a randomly selected subset of mutation operators to insert into the system under test.