Chico Serra

Latest Races

Date Race Place Fastest Time
1983-05-15Monaco Grand Prix7
1983-05-01San Marino Grand Prix8
1983-04-17French Grand Prix19
1983-03-13Brazilian Grand Prix8
1982-09-25Caesars Palace Grand Prix30
1982-09-12Italian Grand Prix11
1982-08-29Swiss Grand Prix27
1982-08-15Austrian Grand Prix7
1982-08-08German Grand Prix11
1982-07-18British Grand Prix22
1982-07-03Dutch Grand Prix24
1982-06-13Canadian Grand Prix29
1982-06-06Detroit Grand Prix11
1982-05-23Monaco Grand Prix30
1982-05-09Belgian Grand Prix6
1982-04-04United States Grand Prix West29
1982-03-21Brazilian Grand Prix14
1982-01-23South African Grand Prix17
1981-10-17Caesars Palace Grand Prix26
1981-09-27Canadian Grand Prix26
1981-09-13Italian Grand Prix30
1981-08-30Dutch Grand Prix28
1981-08-02German Grand Prix30
1981-07-18British Grand Prix25
1981-07-05French Grand Prix24
1981-06-21Spanish Grand Prix11
1981-05-31Monaco Grand Prix24
1981-05-17Belgian Grand Prix16
1981-05-03San Marino Grand Prix28
1981-04-12Argentine Grand Prix18
1981-03-29Brazilian Grand Prix24
1981-03-15United States Grand Prix West7

For older drivers or races in which the driver did not qualify, Fastest Lap is unavailable.

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