Dart Feats

A Feat is something special you get by shooting in a dart game. Most of the feats are generic, and some are oriented toward a particular game. A feat often marks you as a better player, and can get you rewards in league or tournament play. They also mean you are more likely to win when those feats happen frequencly!

I'll list the feats for Cricket and '01; those are the games I play and know the feats for.

'01 Feats

If you are wondering about the language, a ton refers to scoring 100 points or more.

The following feats apply to a game instead of an individual round:

Cricket Feats

A bed is a single undivided segment of the dartboard. A slice of a dartboard has 4 segments or beds; the outer double, the outer (fat) single, the triple, and the inner (skinny) single. The bull has two beds -- the outer (red) bull and the inner (black) double bull.

It's called a White Horse in reference to the mythical Unicorn -- you are hitting 3 virgin beds!

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