Wasted Darts

I think I use the following two terms a lot when talking about darts. I don't hear anyone else speak them, perhaps they are bolo-ese. The thing I see is that they are things to avoid in darts at all cost. They usually are things you can fix by thinking, but they are also things that happen as a result of throws that you have to live with. The thing is ... the are usually things you can avoid. The are also things that give you a chance to get back in the game when an opponent does them!

You can checkout my page on mistakes to look for some particular strategy mistakes. These more refer to generic problems, and serve to illustrate my terminology.

Wasted Dart

What is a Wasted Dart?

Wasted Round

The easiest way of looking at this is a wasted round is a round full of wasted darts. A wasted round is usually a result of not recognizing what's going on, or trying harder with worse results.

A wasted round is often a result of putting too much pressure on yourself:

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