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The Sahara dehumidifier mentioned below is probably the cats meow of dehumidifiers. It is high capacity, can be ducted, energy star rated, all sorts of good things. It filters air as well. Best of all, it extracts water at 100 pints per day!

Whirlpool make some nice dehumdifiers which will dry air even at low temperatures -- down to 38 degrees F. This keeps your basement dry even in winter-time. That is the AD Auto-Dry electronic control series. It self-defrosts and does other maintenance all by itself.

My older (now dead) Dehumdifier was a GE. It lasted for 6 years, kept on cranking away. It died with a leak in the Freon plumbing, not a compressor failure. Looking at it, the failure was most likely vibration induced.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps keep your basement from flooding. Battery-backed up sump pumps keep the basement dry even when power goes off-line. I've noted some providers of battery backed up pumps, but most of the following vendors have some. Perhaps the marked ones have a wider selection or bettery quality. SumPro has an inverter, backup detectors for a normal pump, and other gizmos. Zoeller has a nice battery backup system designed to be integrated with a conventional pump. It also allows for higher output flows by running both pumps. Some systems provide for automated regular testing of the backup system so you know it is healthy and operational. Lots of cool things since I last dealt with sump pump issues.

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