Local Pool Rooms

Here are some local pool rooms in WI. They are on the list either because I can get to them with a reasonable driving time, and they have some nice tournaments, or they are stops for WI tournaments, or they are billiards rooms (often bars) I've been told about.

I've split WI N/S between Appleton & Oshkosh. Live with it.

Local -- Madison, WI

Madison, WI was the home of the world reknown Cue-Nique and later The Green Room, billiards halls owned and operated by the world recognized pool player & Instructor Jerry Briesath.

Sadly, Madison no longer has any large scale pool halls, but we have a few places that are known for having a few pool tables!

Southern WI

If you visit Oshkosh, don't let the old-downtown location, lack of parking (use the street) or the small street-side appearance of The Varsity Club or Magnet Billiards deter you. They open up quite a bit inside and have many quality 9' tables to play on with plenty of room around them. The staff at both places are friendly and helpful. They are both quality pool rooms ... and just block or two from each other!

Northern WI

The old Shark's Club in Appleton is now KK Billiards, Appleton.

Midwest Region

Rest of the USA

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