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Here is what I really like.

It sounds quite prosy, but I have been singing probably since I was born. I remember soloing on every party in my kindergarten - I was only two-three years old. Then piano class in the music school, choir, Academic choir in Moscow State university, MSU opera, MSU Old Music Theater (one day I will add a page for Old Music Theater - it is too great to forget about).

Then I started my voice lessons and now I am slowly becoming a mezzo, or a spinto, or just a singer - enough classification. I hope, one day I won't be embarrassed to put my own voice here.

Composers' stories in the "History" section started as papers for "Survey on Music History" class, which I took at Washington State University from Ann Mary Yasinitsky - an absolutely wonderful flutist. I hope I have time to add more to that part.

"Performers" - about who I like, with biographical facts, recordings, references.

Some reviews on my favorite CDs and favorite pieces are in "CDs".

"Links" - where I like to go.