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Cross-stitching is my true and the only hobby - I mean, this is what I do when I have time, but I never have time for it.

That's why I have just a few finished works, well...  "I have", means what I did not make as a present - and do have most of the stuff. Anyway, we have 6 finished framed and a couple unframed yet works and of course a couple unfinished at all...

Hopefully new works will be added.

This is my last work - "Nighty Nite". Please click on it to see the larger picture. 
Other works you can see in "My works" section of this site. 

Secrets - is dedicated to my advises and cross-stitch secrets, which I have accumulated over the years. I am slowly translating this part into English, so new advises will be added with time.  


 If you think there is something else I'd better add here,

please let me know.