Request Procedure

Getting Help:

Questions About or Problems With Computer Operation

Much of the basic information about using Statistics computers can be found on the CSL Web documents pages under "FAQ" and "How To" sections. Those pages include instructions and information that are common between Computer Science and Statistics computing systems. The Statistics Web documents you are currently viewing typically present instructions and information that are unique to Statistics computing or that otherwise differ from what is used on the CSL computers.

If you can't find the answer to your question in the Web documents or the online man pages, send email to Please include the following information in your messages:

Your login name, if you are sending email from a different account
The name of the workstation on which you are having difficulty
When you encountered the problem
What program you are trying to use
The exact command-line you use to run the program
If your program includes input files of any kind, what files and what directory they are in
The exact error messages or output
If you changed anything in your environment between the time the program last worked and the time you noticed the problem, please tell us exactly what you changed.
As much additional information as you can provide.

When you reply to a message that's in the request tracking system, please make sure to Reply All so that all followup information is in the request database.

Questions About or Problems With Statistics Applications Software

If you have a problem with using a Statistics application like R and SAS, or if there is a bug in your program code for C or C++, it is better to seek answers first with other students and faculty in Statistics first. If they can not help you with your problem then please email these types of questions

Colleen Brabender
Department of Statistics Information Technology Specialist

University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Statistics