play a major role in my life. Dont spend too much time with these links or you'll end up like me.

I use a Mac. I could use a Wintel machine ... I could also poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick and then mail all of my money to Micro$oft. Or does mailing my money come before the eyepoke, I forget.

Check out some simple java applets:

Cyhist Links

Atari Planet
Computer Crime Research Resources: Bibliography: Books
Computer Organization and (PDP-11) Programming
The Tree of Computing
The IBM Songbook
Computer Songs and Poems
Home Terminals
Internet Talk Radio - HELL'S BELLS: A Radio History of the Telephone
IRC History
Matrix News (MN)
Computists International: AI association
Script for "Hell's Bells"
The Amateur Computerist Newsletter
The Computer Ethics Institute
The Programming Language B
The Year 2000 Information Center - Year 2000 Press Clippings
TNO Physics and Electronics Laboratory - Museum
Vortex Technology
X-Number World

Macintosh Links

Apple Computer
The Macintosh Resource Page
DoIT Apple Support
Download MRJ
Special Report: PowerPC kicks Intel's butt again
Linux? On the Macintosh? With Mach?
The Macintosh Internet Connection
Browse Apple Software Updates
MegaPhone Features & Benefits
Fosh Directory of /Pub
Zip Click of Death, What it really is!


Bletchley Park Home Page
Commodore Computer Equipment
December 1996 / Features / PowerPC Speed Demon
Demo ReadMe
IETF Home Page
Index of /pub/X/R5contrib/xview3.2
Internet Explorer Tips and Easter Egg
MAE 3.0 Free Demo
Metrowerks Special Offers
MkLinux: Linux for Power Macintosh
NCSA Main Menu
Programmer's Challenge
SC97: Prologue
Some Exhibits of the T.M.Th.
Some Thoughts About the Social Implications of Accessible Computing
Standard C
TI Unveils The Kilby Center
Welcome To Creative Computers


DoIT Electronic Shelf
Emulators Online - Gemulator 98 Product Information
FreeBSD Inc.
SpunkCross API Homepage
Matt's Script Archive
Virtual Super Wild Card
Free X server for Windows and Mac
Brad's Shareware Picks
INFO-MAC HyperArchive ROOT