The Goats Rule Homepage Jon Ballard's webpage. Dedicated to our often overlooked ruminiferous friend, the goat.
The Dave Sucks Homepage Also by Jon Ballard, this page is dedicated to our often picked on friend, Dave Sonetti
Dave's Homepage Dave responds...
Patricia Kovatch The Network Princess herself (see also: David Minor)
Bill Gates Me and Bill, we're like THAT!
Billy Hollingshead But if you want to talk about someone who's REALLY friendly with Bill Gates...
David Minor If Dilbert wrote his own homepage it might look somethiong like this
Julie Whittaker The lightning among economists
Jennifer Jurgensen A sagittarius with an astrological inferiority complex
Hari Nalliah If Hari says it's hot, then OW! it's really hot
Ryan Bebeau One of my overachieving roomates
Jeff Hamblin The guy who put the "The" in Number Theory
John T Criswell I haven't talked to John forever, but his homepage is great
Alberto Linares If you can read Spanish, let me know what it says.
Ben Miller &
Meredith Frommer
Ben was my friend, teammate, and coach before he moved to California. Meredith is his fiancee, and a speedy bike racer also.