My schedule is updated to reflect things that have changed since last spring.

Ever heard of "electronic pearl harbor"? Well hear you go.

I temporarily added some new pages to my bike picture book. A page of Cronometro riders and a page of UW riders.

Link of the day: A little piece from Click and Clack about the problems with car phones.

Link of the day: A page about Burrough's Nixie display tubes. The little numerical display parts that were used in old computers.

Today I breathe a sigh of relief because the phone at my new place has finally been hooked up and I can get on the internet again. Ahhhhh.

Our team had a good showing at the state road championships, taking 1st (Scott Topel), 4th (Jeff McFarland), and 7th(?) (Gene Tolli) in cat 3's. It was especially neat because we worked as a team and pulled off our pre-race plans beautifully.

Crappy! Today the practice crit was canceled because there were severe thunderstorm warnings and there was a tremendous wind that was blowing the barricades and riders away. On Sunday the Famous Footwear crit (category 3) was shortened to about 15 minutes because it was storming and everyone was crashing. Last week at the practice crit it rained too! That's three lousy weathers in a row.

Kind of out of date, I got a new job. I now work for Madison Telecom and Madison Property Management.

Something special from Canada

A very funny article about SUV's is here.

I did my last set of interval squats for the year. 4 sets of 25 @ 195lbs. The weather is beautiful. Almost time to start racing.

Everyone should look at www.alexchiu.com because now that everyone lives forever, you'll need something to read.

I finaly made a link to Ben Miller's web page.

I re-did the look of my homepage! The old look is still here too.

My internet connection was getting changed around a little at the end of last week so I couldn't upload my updates - My appologies to everyone who checked.