Spencer Buyansky


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University of Wisconsin-Madison, Class of 2014
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, anticipated May 2014


  • Computer Graphics
  • Computational Photography
  • Operating Systems
  • Bioinformatics
  • Foundations of Mobile Systems & Applications
  • Combinatorics
  • Database Management Systems (in progress)
  • Artificial Intelligence (in progress)
  • Algorithms (in progress)

I have a passion for visual data representation in an easy to use yet informative way. This passion bore two projects:

AtlasElect which is a visual and interactive history of the United States electorate. The maps use a Scalable Vector Graphics and JavaScript frontend with a PHP backend for the electoral data which is stored in a MySQL database.

Road to the Finals which is an interactive version of this image that I found one day on the internet. It plays out the NBA playoffs by day back to 1984. (Before that the rules for playoffs were different, but I intend to add the rest of the playoffs soon.) It uses JSON to store the data then JavaScript for animation and visualization.




  • Party in the Park

    Founded by two of my best friends after losing a friend to suicide, Party in the Park is a student-led organization that aims to bring a voice to struggling teens and break the culture of stigma surrounding mental illness. I have been a part of this organization for almost three years now, and it has done wonders for the community in terms of raising awareness for teen depression and suicide and encouraging those who struggle to seek help.

    Party in the Park