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Grand Illinois Trail (Southern Portion, 2008)
Biking the Midwestern United States


This portion of the Grand Illinois Trail consists mostly of the Lakefront path, the Old Plank Road Trail, part of the I&M Canal Trail, and the Hennepin Canal Trail. The Lakefront path is asphalt, and the other three are screened limestone (or something resembling it.) The trail is mostly flat, and the bike path portions are tied together by city streets and country roads, which are, for the most part, low traffic. You can expect to cover this portion of the trail in about 200-250 miles, depending on where you start on the Lakefront path, and how far you get from the path while seeking out hotels and refreshment.

Links to Maps (for preparation)

These are the maps I created to prepare for the trip. I uploaded them to my GPS before taking off. These have not been verified for accuracy. In fact, my experience has made me distrustful of the hotel listings-- call ahead! Let me know if you want me to make you a collaborator on any of these maps so that you can add, edit, and delete points.

Photographs on Maps

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