Active Cache: Caching Dynamic Contents on the Web

Pei Cao, Jin Zhang and Kevin Beach Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The HTML version of the paper is here.

The postscript that appears in the Proceedings of Middleware'98 is here.


Dynamic documents constitute an increasing percentage of contents on the Web, and caching dynamic documents becomes an increasingly important issue that affects the scalability of the Web. In this paper, we propose the Active Cache scheme to support caching of dynamic contents at Web proxies. The scheme allows servers to supply cache applets to be attached with documents, and requires proxies to invoke cache applets upon cache hits to furnish the necessary processing without contacting the server. We describe the protocol, interface and security mechanisms of the Active Cache scheme, and illustrate its use via several examples. Through prototype implementation and performance measurements, we show that Active Cache is a feasible scheme that can result in significant network bandwidth savings at the expense of moderate CPU costs.