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CS 368 (2009 Summer) — Introduction to Scripting Languages

Offered by the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Department of Computer Sciences


Dates July 13 (Mon) through August 7 (Fri) — four weeks
Times MTRF 11:00–11:50 a.m.
Location 1325 Computer Sciences
Instructors This course is team-taught by three staff members of the Condor Project:
Tim Cartwright · CS 4265 · cat [@] cs [.] wisc [.] edu
Alan De Smet · CS 4247 · adesmet [@] cs [.] wisc [.] edu
Nick LeRoy · CS 4289 · nleroy [@] cs [.] wisc [.] edu

Course Books & Other Resources

There are no books to buy for this course. The two reference books that we suggest using are available for free online through the UW library system.

Head over to our resources page for links to the book and lots of links to other scripting resources.

Office Hours

One or more of the instructors will be available on Wednesdays from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. in CS 4259 (a conference room on the fourth floor of Unit II). Exception: On Wednesday, July 29th, office hours will be in CS 4331 (a conference room on the fourth floor of Unit III).

You can also make an appointment (by email is probably best) to talk to any of us. We all work full time here in the CS building, so will often be available. Dropping by our offices without an appointment is not guaranteed to work.


We will post slides and homework assignments on their appointed days.

Day Instructor Topic Slides Homework Code Reading
13 July (Mon) all introductions & overview PDF homework LP4: Ch.1, Introduction
14 July (Tue) Cartwright basic syntax PDF homework code LP4: Ch.2, Scalar Data
16 July (Thu) De Smet collections PDF homework code LP4: Ch.3, Lists and Arrays
LP4: Ch.6, Hashes
17 July (Fri) LeRoy basic I/O PDF homework code LP4: Ch.5, Input and Output
20 July (Mon) Cartwright subroutines PDF homework LP4: Ch.4, Subroutines
21 July (Tue) De Smet data structures PDF homework code perlreftut
23 July (Thu) LeRoy regular expressions 1 PDF homework LP4: Ch.7, In the World of RegExps
LP4: Ch.8, Matching with RegExps
24 July (Fri) LeRoy regular expressions, pt 2 PDF homework LP4: Ch.9, Processing Text with RegExps
27 July (Mon) De Smet standard library PDF homework code PP3: Ch.29, Functions, Read up to "29.1 Perl Functions by Category", then skim the rest
28 July (Tue) LeRoy modules PDF homework code LP4: Ch.15, Perl Modules
30 July (Thu) Cartwright system interaction PDF homework LP4: Ch.14, Process Management
31 July (Fri) De Smet objects PDF homework code PP3: Ch.12, Objects
3 August (Mon) LeRoy error handling PDF homework code PP3: Ch.20, The Perl Debugger
4 August (Tue) Cartwright unit testing PDF homework Test::Simple, Test::Harness, Test::More
6 August (Thu) Cartwright web applications PDF homework
7 August (Fri) De Smet putting it all together PDF

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