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CS 368-4 (2012 Fall) — Submitting Homework by Email

Starting with Homework #3, all homework assignments MUST be submitted by email.

Email Rules

To simplify the automated handling of emails, follow these rules below. Note that there are different rules for submitting a single file versus multiple files (which is determined by the individual assignment).

Email Subject Header

Use the following email header format:

To:      Tim Cartwright <>
Subject: CompSci-368-4 Homework-NN

Format the Subject line exactly as above and replace the NN part with the zero-padded number of the homework assignment (e.g., 03, 04, …, 11).

If you must send your homework assignment more than once, use the exact same subject line each time. I will use the email timestamp to figure out which is the latest. And in the email message itself, you should explain that it is a new version of the homework.

Submitting One File

If the homework assignment requests a single file, it must be attached to the email. Do not copy-and-paste your file into the message body! Format the name of the attachment as follows:



For example, for homework #3, I would name the Python code file (the only attachment):

Submitting More Than One File

If the homework assignment requests multiple files, they must be attached to the email as a compressed archive of a directory containing your original files. Do not copy-and-paste your files into the message body!

Here is what to do:

  1. Create a directory to hold your assignment files. Name the directory as follows:


    For example, for homework #10, I would name my directory:

  2. Put all assignment files in the directory. Name the files as you wish, but please label them clearly! Use “natural” Unix/Linux filename extensions like .py, .txt, .log, and so forth.
  3. Create a compressed archive of the directory. On a Linux (or Mac OS X) system, change to the parent of your assignment directory and run a command like this:
    tar -cjf Homework_NN_FIRST_LAST.tar.bz2 Homework_NN_FIRST_LAST

    where the highlighted part are defined above.

  4. Attach the compressed archive to your email as the one and only attachment.

Timing of Email

The course rule about turning homework in on time still applies. Your email must arrive in my email inbox prior to 1:31 p.m. on the day that it is due. Late assignments will receive zero points.