Cameron R. Boyd

University of Wisconsin


Hello! My name is Cameron Boyd, but most people call me Cam.

I am a 22-year-old student studying Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am a skilled, resourceful programmer in search of any type of internship or work experience related to software engineering to simply grow my skills. I wrote my first line of code roughly two and half years ago, and since then, I have developed exceptional skills in both the Java and C programming languages implementing numerous class projects and several personal projects. More recently, I have relatively successfully taught myself HTML and CSS, at least successfully enough to create this website, as well as the basics of JavaScript.

Currently, I am enrolled in CS 536: Introduction to Programming Languages and Compilers, in which we are learning about the process of compiler design while concurrently implementing a compiler of our own. I am also enrolled in CS 537: Introduction to Operating Systems in which we are learning about the various components that make up an operating system.



Java is the language that I started my coding career with. I have around 1.5-2 years of experience with Java and is where I am most proficient. We used Java for the three introductory programming classes here at UW, and I have used it to implement an array of small projects slowly increasing in difficulty.


C is the second language I have had the opportunity to learn. I began learning in a class called Machine Organization and Programming, where we learned about the basics of computer memory. In that class, two projects that refined my C programming skills were a simple heap memory allocator as well as a caching simulator.


HTML and CSS are two structures that I have taken the initiative to learn on my own. My first experiences outside of a simple “Hello World” webpage came with building the simple snake game. By far, this website is the best representation of what I have learned thus far, but is only the starting point in my growing skillset.


I have also began to teach myself JavaScript alongside HTML and CSS. I have found that building games has become a pleasurable way to learn the basics of this language. Thus far, I have successfully built a snake game, and I am currently working on another in my spare time.


Play My Snake Game!